People Search Help

Advanced search

Advanced search features are available to members of Newcastle University. Advanced features include the ability to search for current students as well as staff and obtain login IDs from the results. Also included is the ability to search on email address, login ID, department or school, job title and phone extension.

Search tips

The more search criteria you enter, the narrower your search will be. If you search for "Smith", for example, you will get many results. To find the Smith you're after, you can either scroll through the results or try adding more search terms to restrict the results.

If you only enter a person's surname into the search box, it may improve your results if you choose to only search on surnames. You can do this by ensuring that the 'Surname' box is checked and the 'Forename(s)' box is not checked. This will prevent your desired result being obscured by people who have that name as a forename.

If you have cannot find the person you were looking for, try entering fewer search terms, if possible. This will give a wider array of results. If you still can't find someone, check your spelling and try searching on just the surname or even just a forename. If you're unsure of the spelling then just entering the first few letters of a name might help.

Restricted access to some data

Staff have the choice of whether or not their University contact details (telephone number and email address) should be available in search results from members of the public.

If you're a member of the University, you can log in to see the restricted information.

University staff can see (and change) the status of their personal contact details in the My Details page.


If you spot an error in any of the data presented in the People Search, please let us know so that it can be corrected.

Omissions If you think someone is missing from the directory, please email with as much detail as possible about the missing person. If the missing person is new to the University, please wait a few days before reporting it as they will probably filter through soon.
Only regular staff appear in the directory. Visiting members of staff, guests, contingent employees will not appear.
Telephone numbers Any telephone number errors should be reported through the telephone number amendments form with as much detail as possible about the error and correct information.
IT information Any inaccuracies in email addresses, web profile URLs and other IT information should be emailed to with as much detail as possible about the error and correct information.
Profile URLs See the profile help page.
Other staff data Errors in other staff data should be reported to the appropriate HR contact . This includes things such as job title and department.
Other student data Errors in other student data should be reported to the student's school administrator. Students can correct their own data via the Student Self Service Portal, S3P.